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Staying In Place

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4. Staying in place
The one piece cover stays in place much better than a throw or two piece cover. It is not, however, a custom cover. It is most prone to movement in the seat area. Remember, the deeper you tuck, the better it stays. Heavier, textured fabrics stick to upholstery better than smooth, lightweight fabrics. The best fabrics for staying in place are: Hobnail chenille, Corduroy, Tapestry, Trellis Chenille, Brushed Twill, and Denim. If your foam cushions have disintegrated a bit over time and your slipcover isn't staying in place as a result, use rolled up magazines secured with rubber bands to wedge into the crevices of your furniture. They will act like anchors to keep your cover in place. You can also put some rug grip on the seat under your cover to keep the fabric from sliding.

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Washed Denim Blue

...and don't forget our own Furniture Falsies!

Furniture Falsies
Now there's a solution for those with petite-armed furniture. Specially-designed armpads, called Furniture Falsies, are crafted of upholstery foam in the shape of an overstuffed arm.  When placed on top of a small arm and tucked into the crevices of the furniture to secure, Furniture Falsies improve the look and fit of a slip cover.

Furniture Falsies were created by a former Sure Fit employee, currently the owner of the LTHome in Great Barrington, Massachusetts. Furniture Falsies are just $19.95 a pair! 

To order Furniture Falsies, call (413) 528-9737.
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